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SEO for Plumbers

Keeping up with your plumbing company’s online presence and delivering quality services cab prove a hard nut to crack. With many sites offering similar services, staying relevant in the ever-evolving digital environment is becoming more challenging.

Plumber SEO is what you need when looking into optimizing your plumbing website and boosting its online performance. SEO (search engine optimization) helps you generate more traffic to your plumbing site. Consequently, you get better visibility and increase website conversions.

What is Plumber SEO?

SEO is a process of optimizing your plumbing website for high ranking. It helps you turn more visitors into customers.

SEO techniques improve the number of visitors, keep them longer on your site and help increase conversions. It includes all activities that promote a website online without any immediate monetary investment.

Importance of SEO for Plumbing Companies

As per industry statistics, around 50 new websites are created every minute, with over 200 million sites already competing for space on the internet. At least 70% of potential buyers search for local businesses before purchasing.

SEO helps you get more organic traffic to your plumbing website. The visitors explore the site and its services, increasing conversions in the process. This is a high-end marketing strategy that costs less compared with other digital advertising campaigns. Plumbing SEO is affordable for everyone, from small businesses to large organizations.

SEO gives a marketing platform to your business. It helps you build a strong online presence and increase brand awareness. The internet is flooded with information about every industry, product, or service. SEO for plumbers makes it easier for customers to find the right plumbing company they’re looking for, as well as create brand loyalty in the process.

Plumber SEO can target high-value keywords for your plumbing website. By targeting the right keyword, you increase traffic to your site and improve conversions in the process. For instance, if someone is searching for ‘plumbers near Plano’, they are looking for a specific service. If you rank well for that phrase, it will bring targeted traffic to your site.

SEO improves the credibility of your plumbing website. It builds trust among potential customers, which in turn increases conversions. When you appear on page one of SERPs (search engine results pages), people feel more confident about doing business with you rather than a site that ranks lower and appears less trustworthy or credible.

Best SEO Practices for Plumbers

Build Backlinks

You need high-quality backlinks from other related or high authority websites to rank better on Google. This is because Google assigns relevance value based on the number of websites linking back to you. SEO for plumbers should include getting high-value links from websites with a good page rank.

Optimize Your Site's Images, Videos & Documents

Include keywords in your images and videos when hosting them elsewhere on the internet. If you have documents such as PDF files that you want to share with customers, include the keywords in their titles. This will make it easier for search engines to find your content and rank you higher on SERPs.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Most users access the internet using mobile devices as opposed to desktops or laptops. SEO for plumbers should include optimizing your plumbing website from a responsive design that works on various platforms, including smartphones and tablets. It helps you rank better in SERPs across all categories since Google now prioritizes sites with mobile-friendly sites.

On-page SEO

You should optimize your website’s content to make it more relevant. This includes using keywords in your page titles, meta descriptions, and throughout the site’s content. It is essential to choose the right words since they will determine how people find you on Google or other search engines. You can use tools such as Google AdWords to determine how your keywords are performing and which ones you should use.

Use Quality Content

In the internet marketing world, content is king! SEO for plumbers should include a well-written blog that engages your audience and brings in more traffic. Writing unique articles, press releases, or web pages can help you generate targeted visitors. You can also share content by submitting it to article directories, social media sites, and other websites.

Off-page SEO

You can do guest posting on relevant websites to attract more traffic. If you guest post on sites with a high page rank, it can help increase your website’s visibility and authority.

Keyword Research

It is essential to choose the right keywords when optimizing your plumbing company’s site. If you are an individual plumber, it could be something like ‘plumbing near me’. However, if you provide services to several states, it would be better to use a phrase that includes the state name. For instance, ‘plumbing company in Florida’.

Plumbing Local SEO

The internet has made it easy for any business to target a local audience. Whether you’re an individual plumbing company or working in a franchise, there are several ways potential customers can find you. One of the most effective ways to rank locally is through Google My Business. This is a free service of listing your business and directing potential clients to your location.

Creating citations for your business is another way to improve local SEO rankings. Several citation listings, such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc., can help increase traffic from local customers. You can also submit your website to local directories such as the Chamber of Commerce.

Get Custom Plumbing SEO Services

Do you want to rank higher on search engines? Do you want to improve the visibility of your website and attract more traffic from local customers? SEO for plumbers can help boost your plumbing business. You can hire Stephen Freelance to get custom plumbing SEO services. Stephen Freelance offers affordable SEO packages for plumbers that are designed to help you attract more customers. Contact Stephen Freelance today to get started.


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