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Local Keyword Targeting

Businesses need a comprehensive local SEO strategy to improve their ranking. Many customers search for services and products near them to inform their decisions. Local SEO ensures your business appears on the search results the time they look for it. A well-executed optimization strategy ensures customers single you out of the thousands of companies with the same services or products.

Our approach to Local search engine optimization completely differs from general SEO to improve your digital presence. We provide your potential online customers with consistent and relevant information to grow your business.

Why You Need SEO Site Audit Services

SEO site audit shows how well your online presence relates to the best practices. An audit helps in creating and implementing an SEO plan. It points to specific issues affecting organic search performance. Our team provides comprehensive services that help to reveal:

Geographical Keyword Targeting

Many small businesses depend on local customers to grow. Improving local SEO helps you focus on this potential customer base. Additionally, our experts help you dominate your niche by enhancing your digital brand. Local search engine optimization also helps in lead generation, improved traffic, and sales for your business. At Stephen Freelance, we provide the following services to improve your location ranking.

GMB ( Google My Business) SEO

Your online business profiles should carry the same information and brand identity. Furthermore, you want to ensure they are optimized for your target service area or location. Talk to our expert for a comprehensive audit of all your business information on the internet.

Local Keyword Research and Strategy

Do you want to improve your local reach? Employing strategic local search engine optimization strategies improves your ability to reach a large audience. Our team will conduct extensive keyword research to determine the best words or phrases for that specific region.

Local SEO Audit

Your geographical keyword ranking determines how well your business performs in that region. Our team will conduct an audit and establish actionable information to build your local SEO ranking. An audit entails looking at NAP (Name, Address, and business phone number), GMB, local citations, landing page, organic link, and penalty.

Local Keyword Targeting

Does your on-page content reach your target local audience? We deliver on-page content optimized for your service area. We optimize metadata and homepage with geo-specific phrases and keywords. Our team also creates city and industry pages ensuring the search engines understand your target location and brand. As a result, these pages rank high on these locations.
Additionally, we deliver engaging content that your clients want. Our content specialists work closely with your business to understand its core deliverables to provide quality and useful local SEO content.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online businesses depend on reviews as they provide proof of the company’s existence and service delivery. Users refer to online reviews before purchasing or requesting a service. One of our local search engine optimization services includes helping your business protect its digital brand. We provide an effective online review strategy to help you get the best reviews from your customers.

Why You Need SEO Site Audit Services

If you want to know how well local SEO can work for your business, talk to us today. Our experts will help you navigate the SEO and online marketing world for better ranking and increased lead generation.